wet, non-illuminated, green lake fun


This is not what the path around Green Lake looked like last night.

Instead, the “Pathway of Lights” was the “Pathway of Soggy Bags” with less than five percent of them burning. Heavy rain extinguished the flames. We doggedly walked the path anyway, splashing through puddles, stopping to listen to the performers stationed under tents at a few places around the lake. There were some people singing “green” Christmas songs with re-written lyrics about eating locally grown food and using solar energy. Typical Seattle stuff. Some other folks played hammered dulcimer, boldly exposing their instruments (under a tent) to such moist weather.

Praise FSM I had recently purchased some waterproof boots and my feet remained dry. Having rounded the lake, three of us then gathered at the mother church, Starbucks, and drank hot chocolate with shots of toffee, sprinkled with salt. Good stuff, courtesy of Santa Scot. Gathered around the Starbucks table, the national living room, it was decided that Scot, Dan, and Scot’s mother, Foxy, would perform an excerpt from Swan Lake or Peter and the Wolf next year at Burning Man wearing the fabulous new tutus that Foxy is making for us.

We’ll be practicing pirouettes and rising up on our toes. I have a photo of Scot modeling his new tutu, but it’s maybe too strong and shocking an image for dangblog readers. We’ll run this facsimile of Scot and me instead:


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