evolution of the christmas tree


Really outdated. Go out in the woods and cut down tree; drag it to sleigh.

Outdated. Same as above, except drag it to car.

Slightly outdated. Go to Christmas tree sales lot and select tree.

Current. Buy artificial tree.

In the next decade. Select or design tree online and “print” snap-together artificial tree parts on fabricator.

In the next decade, give or take a few years. Select or design tree online and deploy with holographic projector. Tree can be as real or unreal as you want. Add pine scent.

Near-to-mid-range future. Choose “Christmas tree overlay” in your field of vision controller and all trees and people look like decorated trees.

A bit farther forward. Experience yourself as a decorative bulb on an immense virtual Christmas tree. Family members are bulbs on neighboring branches. Your experience is indistinguishable from reality.

A bit farther forward, give or take a few years. Create a real tree in an “incubator” in which organic material is programmed to make tree cells, then differentiate and layer them appropriately.

Beyond the singularity. You are lord and master of a Christmas tree “planet” that stretches to infinity. No two of the billions of brightly decorated trees are the same. You can explore this world for any amount of time you wish and experience Christmas joy that never fades. (By the way, there are really cool presents under every tree.)

Millennia hence. You are the last scrap of consciousness anywhere that cares about the concept of “Christmas tree.”

Silent night.


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