revenge of the clams



A few weeks ago I wrote about what a friend of mine called my “clam chowder detonation.” In the microwave the heated chowder blew the unsecured cover off my soup bowl, causing a mess. I didn’t learn from this experience. Instead, I used a better cover. I was still outsmarted. Today I heated my clam chowder soup, opened the microwave, removed the soup cover, and after about one second, the soup exploded, coating the top of the microwave with goo. That’s right, it was waiting for me.

It could have been worse. I could have removed the bowl more quickly and had the hot stuff fly into my face.

I have stood inside a Faraday cage while Dr. Megavolt’s mighty Tesla coil  hurled gigantic bolts of lightning at my face.

I’ve stood at the top of Mt. Thielsen and didn’t fall off (it’s actually just a day hike/scramble to the top, but it looks impressive in the photo), but I’ve never faced sheer danger and savage evil until I began microwaving clam chowder. This time it was watching and waiting for its moment. This time it was personal.


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