film as lobotomy


Three movies over the weekend equals seven hours+ of brain disengagement. Operation successful. The patient has most likely survived.

“True Grit” is unsentimental and pitch-perfect. There’s some ugly violence in there, but it’s not a film to be sugar-coated. It’s the Coen Brothers, after all. I haven’t seen all their material, but I don’t think much or any of it is sugary. Some awards will be won for this one.
“Deathly Hallows, part 1.” I enjoyed it, but maybe you have to be a Potter fan. Maybe you have to like evil guys with no noses. Cold and dark, compared to the other Potter films. That may be an improvement.
“The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.” Because I didn’t read the books and missed #2 movie I had some catching up to do. But I did and I liked it. Kept me edge-of-seat a good deal of the time.

Saw a trailer for the upcoming “Rabbit Hole,” which looks good in trailer-world. Saw a trailer for what seemed like a wretched movie called “Country Strong.” Another one of those trailers that tells you the entire story, and once you see the whole trite story arc you’ll be glad not to waste time on the film.

Next brain surgery: “The King’s Speech.” Other contenders: “Blue Valentine” Also a new animated film by the makers of “The Triplets of Belleville.” Take my brain. Please.


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