Unresolutions to be resolved


Last year I made some predictions for 2010:

Dark matter will be found in our basement.  (Wrong!)
The Higgs-boson will receive a more dignified name. (Wrong!)
My blog readership will increase to four. (Maybe)

Pretty good, eh? I am wise beyond my years.
This year I’ve made some resolutions. I will:

Rent my soul to the devil again but add a cost-of-living increase.
Commit brazen acts of introspection.
Metaphorically release the hounds.

My omen for 2011. One the last day of 2010 I saw an owl. It was a common barred owl, but I see eagles more often than owls so it was special, okay? Looked somewhat like this one:

What does it “mean” to see an owl on the last day of the year? Like many world citizens today, I consulted Wikipedia for my answer:

In Kenya owls have been and still are considered harbingers of death. In the Americas (Hopi, Aztec, Maya, Winnebago) they were considered harbingers of death, or evil sorcery. In the modern West (beginning with ancient Greece) owls are associated with wisdom. The bird was the symbol of Athena, goddess of wisdom.

Another important tidbit: Owls are used for rodent control. A single family of barn owls can consume 3,000 rodents in a nesting season.

To sum up to my omen portents: 2011 will be a time for death, wisdom, and rodent control. Maybe some actual rodent consumption will be involved, maybe some bad juju sorcery. Hard to say. Omen interpretation is not an exact science.


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