feel the bark


There’s a photo of several people with their arms held out to a tree, their palms flat against it, and their heads bowed. What are they doing? Tree Whispering®. They each paid $295 for a Tree Whispering class taught by Tree Whispering experts. Yes, I’m reading the amazing Omega Institute class catalog, which I recommend for everyone. In the Tree Whispering course you can learn “permission-based Green Centrics holistic energy healing methods.”

Most wonderful of all, if you go to the Tree Whispering website, you can read actual messages transmitted by actual trees. A redwood from California says, “… we of the high slope send our regards and are pleased that humans would consult us.” These trees sound much better behaved than those apple-throwing rascals in The Wizard of Oz.

But this is the real thing. These folks are really talking to real trees and the trees talk back. Honest. In the “Storm Prep” section of the site, you’ll learn specific statements that help trees survive bad weather, such as “I care for you. There is a big storm coming.”

If you’d like to become a Tree Whispering teacher, you can, according to the website, contact their headquarters in Morris Plains, New Jersey for details.

My own rules for tree talking:

  • Choose a deciduous tree for conversation. Evergreens can be prickly and stand-offish.
  • Check for sticky sap and insects before laying hands on your woody friend.
  • Avoid the subject of fire. Even jokes about fire are in bad taste.
  • Be patient. Be very, very, very patient.

One thought on “feel the bark

  1. Actually, I was speakng with my cedar in the front yard just theother day. He left me the impression that they don’t feel near the need to communicate with us as we do with them. But maybe it was just him.

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