lost my whey


With a dang splint on my arm, I tend to fumble and drop something daily. The other day it was my giant-sized container of Nancy’s Yogurt. I don’t buy this product because of its relationship to Sometimes a Great Notion, although there’s a connection. Springfield Creamery was and probably still is owned by Chuck Kesey, brother of the famous Ken Kesey. But the fact is that it’s just darn good yogurt. I’ve eaten the stuff for years; going way back to my Oregon days. Please send me my endorsement check.

Reminds me of the day Ken Kesey (RIP) slopped a scoop full of beans into my pocket bread outside of a “Poetry Hoo Haw” at the University of Oregon. He and his brother (I think) were serving the audience during a break in the action. Here’s what I remember about the “Hoo Haw:”

  • Allen Ginsburg was there, playing a squeezebox and chanting.
  • Anybody could go up on stage and recite a poem, but they’d get hauled away after exceeding a time limit.
  • One person reading a poem asked everyone in the audience to hold hands. Paul Krassner spoke soon after that and said that asking everyone to hold hands was “the lowest form of fascism” or something along those lines. Thinking back on this, I agree with him.

Anyway, when the yogurt hit the floor, most of the whey that had risen to the top leaked out. I lost a lot of protein, but the yogurt stayed in its tub. Fortunately, the cows down in Springfield are still pumping out dairy product and a bounty of Nancy’s Yogurt overfloweth at fine grocery stores across the nation. The whey is clear, with a slight yellow tint, just like memories of Oregon in 70s.


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