your vortex, your frequency, your sanity


It’s back. The Omega Institute catalog just can’t be denied.

  • Last year there was a seminar in VortexHealing®. The class teacher “… was a full time healer for 15 years until Merlin reawakened his past knowledge of VortexHealing® …” In this class “we will reestablish our grounding cord …” Merlin! Imaginary person to the rescue. I suspect all the really good mystic teachers were already spoken for.
  • Another seminar: “through practicing telepathic communication with animals, we can help solve their behavior problems…” Must we first establish that telepathy exists? No, we must not.
  • “Shapeshifting Consciousness.” Learn about “transforming into animals, healing cancer, shedding weight…”  You can also learn to blow with the “breath of fire.” Let’s see. Do I want to heal cancer or turn into an animal first? Either one would astonish the world, win Nobel prizes, etc. Nah, I’ll just blow the breath of fire.

In this video we see what I think is an early meeting of the Omega Institute educational planning council:


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