ghost-animal planet


It was a comment on my Either/Or post from February 15 that really got me thinking.

” … this will never get you your own Ghosthunter show. But it might land you a spot on Animal Planet,” she said.

But why not combine the ghost hunter TV show with the Animal Planet idea?

Allow me to set the scene. It’s nighttime in a Southeast Asian jungle. We hear the cries of nocturnal creatures. Two American plumbers, Joe and Fred, are blundering through the jungle with night scope goggles and EMF detectors.

Joe: “Oh my God, did you hear that?
Fred: “It sounded like a bird!”
Joe: “Yes, it was a parrot call. But most parrots sleep at night.”
Fred: “You mean … ?
Joe: “Yes! It could be a ghost parrot haunting this jungle!”
Fred: “Maybe a live parrot just woke up for while.”
Joe: “No. There it is again! Hear how the sound is echoing? It’s coming from the Other Side. This is terrifying! He’s kicked the bucket. This is an ex-parrot!
Fred: “I see a spooky light up in this tree. Back away slowly so as not to disturb its astral habitat. There may be ghost chicks about. A dead parrot will fiercely defend its dead chicks.”
Joe: “Parrot spirits are an important part of the ecosystem. Leave some ectoplasmic legumes and let’s get out of here!”
Fred (running away): “Ghost parrots! Another fascinating member of the dead animal kingdom. I felt a cold draft from flapping spirit wings. That was too close!”


2 thoughts on “ghost-animal planet

  1. EpigeneticsGenomicsGirl

    Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that your blog seems to have been hacked by some russian telecommunications advertising scam (It happens that I have a russian colleague who translated part of that crap for me..). I subscribed to get replies to your “skeptical inquiry, part 2: epigenetic orthodontics” post and now I keep getting russian spam email!! I don’t know if you can fix this but it’s really annoying.
    Thank you!

  2. dangblog

    Sorry about that. Some spam posts slipped through the WordPress filters. There is no hacking involved. When you subscribe to that post, you’ll receive every reply that appears, real or spam. The reason you don’t see them in the list of posts is because I delete them as soon as possible. There’s nothing I can do except notify WordPress.

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