getting there


In an earlier post I mentioned the folks who believe that the Biblical judgment day is coming on May 21 of this year. I saw one of their fleet of RVs in town a few months ago. Always thinking ahead, Scot was wondering whether we might get our hands on one of these vehicles for our trip to Burning Man this year. After all, the current owners are certainly not going to need them after 5/21. Maybe they’d just give them away — sign the title over to us prior to midnight on 5/20. They’d be raptured to heaven and we could travel in comfort in August. Everybody wins.

Speaking of the big burning festival, there are a couple of interesting photos taken from the hilltops surrounding the festival.
Here’s a daytime black and white shot acquired at some risk to the photographer (snakes, spiders, and scorpions). Click it to expand a little.
Here’s a colorful nighttime image taken just before the burn (also expandable with a mouse click).


3 thoughts on “getting there

  1. In 1992, brother Harold Camping published a book entitled 1994? (the question mark was actually part of the title), in which he theorized that the Rapture might occur in September, 1994. In that publication, he also mentioned that 2011 could be the Rapture. This last fact, that brother Camping in 1992 referenced 2011 as the possible time of the Rapture, is generally (and either ignorantly or dishonestly) not mentioned by his numerous detractors.
    These same detractors when repeating, almost mantra-like, the “no man knows” part of certain scriptures, also, invariably (through ignorance or dishonesty), fail to point out the other pertinent parts (as it pertains to the ability of people to know critical dates of the end times) of those scriptures. I would humbly invite the reader to consult brother Camping’s research at and investigate it for yourself. Or my blog
    might be an interesting read as well.
    Far better to just say that you dislike brother Camping, his followers, etc. on principle rather than trying to justify it through an ignorant, lazy, or dishonest “analysis” of his work.

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