end times, rapturization, and why you won’t make it to memorial day


The Four Horsepersons of the Apocalypse
(plus one unknown rider on the far right–you can see his hat)

In a recent entry I wrote about how great it would be to get my hands on one of the “Judgment Day, May 21, 2011” RVs. These RVs are traveling the country now, spreading the word about the upcoming end of the world. Go to the March 6 post for a photo of these multicolored vehicles and you’ll see why they’d make a fabulous ride to Burning Man this year.

I’ve gotten a response to that post from the author of the “Why May 21, 2011 Matters” blog. I encourage my readers to visit. Of particular interest is the video in this entry. You will find out that not only are gays denied entry to heaven via Rapture, but Christian rock and hip-hop musicians are also left behind. I’m going to take a short break from my heathen ways and pray. “Please, Mr. Deity, please change your mind and take the Christian rock and hip-hop musicians to heaven, too. You don’t have to wait till May 21. Give them a special VIP get-in-early pass. We don’t need ’em down here. Amen.”

By the way, somewhere after the six-minute mark in the video you get a short scene of people scurrying mindlessly into a big hole in the ground and falling into the endless depths. It’s comical, and, I think, a subtle metaphor. Anyway, here is the post I received:

In 1992, brother Harold Camping published a book entitled 1994? (the question mark was actually part of the title), in which he theorized that the Rapture might occur in September, 1994. In that publication, he also mentioned that 2011 could be the Rapture. This last fact, that brother Camping in 1992 referenced 2011 as the possible time of the Rapture, is generally (and either ignorantly or dishonestly) not mentioned by his numerous detractors.

Though I have never heard of Harold Camping and never mentioned him in my post, I’ll join you in condemning his various detractors. Dang them for not mentioned that he also suggested 2011 as a potential Rapture year. That’s sloppy or disingenuous research on their part.

These same detractors when repeating, almost mantra-like, the “no man knows” part of certain scriptures, also, invariably (through ignorance or dishonesty), fail to point out the other pertinent parts (as it pertains to the ability of people to know critical dates of the end times) of those scriptures. I would humbly invite the reader to consult brother Camping’s research at familyradio.com and investigate it for yourself. Or my blog http://whymay212011matters.blogspot.com/ might be an interesting read as well.

Again, curse those stinkin’ detractors, and go read the blog.

Far better to just say that you dislike brother Camping, his followers, etc. on principle rather than trying to justify it through an ignorant, lazy, or dishonest “analysis” of his work.

I’m still in full agreement. Having never read the work of brother Camping, I certainly can’t fault it. However, I can heartily recommend a website called  A Brief History of the Apocalypse that catalogs end-of-the-world predictions from 2800 B.C. through 2005. If reading through all of these is overwhelming, there’s a much shorter list here. The lists provide a much-needed perspective on the entire business of doomsday dates.

So how about those RVs? Can I have one after 5/21?


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