ravager of planets


I survived “Cat Women of the Moon” but next month is “Kronos, Ravager of Planets,” and can any man or women endure its attack?

We’ll see. I actually have vague memories of seeing “Kronos” on TV when I was little lad.

JetCity did a fairly good job with the improv dialog on “Cat Women,” especially with an extended bit in which one cat woman threatens another with an “air slap” and finally delivers a nasty slap which misses her by several inches. You had to be there.

The film looked like a cheap knock-off of “Queen of Outer Space,” which I wouldn’t have thought was possible. The fact is, however, that “Queen of Outer Space” came five years after “Cat Women.” I’m guessing that a few years after “Cat Women” someone decided that it needed to be done again with the estrogen level amped up, in full color, and the setting moved to Venus. And we’re left with the magnificent glory of “Queen’s” pastel-colored Venus, and high-heeled Venusians stalking American space boys with big honkin’ ray guns. Zsa Zsa Gabor’s crowning achievement.


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