the end is coming right up


It’s time to check back again with the fun-loving folks who are predicting the rapture, end times, and probably a rain of frogs and locusts for May 21, 2011. I checked back at the “Why May 21, 2011 Matters” blog and you know what I found? Christians debating Christians about whether May 21 is really the end.

The blog author quotes a pastor from a “mainline” church who, as part of his it’s-not-gonna-happen-on-May-21 argument, says that you can’t take everything literally in the Bible. Allow some poetic license, he says. For example, he doesn’t take the Noah’s ark story literally. Say it ain’t so! Our blogger is astounded that someone, (a pastor, no less) might not take this tale on its face value. Because you know what happens when you don’t take something in the Bible literally?

Does not logic dictate that if there are as many (significant) components about a thing that (apparently) can’t be trusted at face value, that you regard the entire product as suspect – at best?

Bingo! The entire book is suspect as a literal history if you can’t buy into the flood and the ark. It all unravels. Pretty soon you’re going to think that Lot’s wife really wasn’t turned into a pillar of salt. Where would your theology be then? Or what about the fiery serpents? If there’s no fiery serpents, I’m not buying any of it.  I also need a lamb with seven horns and seven eyes. And a basilisk.

Meanwhile, as the debate over literal interpretation goes on, what is the devil up to? Well, guess what? He’s not after me because I’m already “in his pocket.”

The people that Satan has his sights intensely focused on right now are the faithful; those that are trying to let as many people know as possible about the Rapture on May 21, 2011. You didn’t actually think Satan would just sit by and allow the faithful to get the word out about the Rapture without a fight, did you?

That’s right, the bold people of Family Radio Worldwide, buzzing around the nation in multi-colored RVs, not only have a doubting population to contend with, but also have Lucifer on their backs. It’s a tough road they drive, my friends. How many of them will Beelzebub pick off before May 21?  The devil will harvest the doubters. Woe unto them. And woe unto fools like me who sit in the devil’s pocket with the devil’s spare change and the devil’s key ring and the devil’s chewing gum wrapper.


I found this image on several Web pages but couldn’t find an artist to credit it to.


2 thoughts on “the end is coming right up

  1. yacman

    Tsk. Tsk. Clearly Dang is under the influence of Satan. Lot never turned into a pillar of salt–it was his wife! Lot, generally thought of as a pretty upstanding biblical figure, was the guy that committed incest with his daughters. Of course, he was too drunk to know any better.

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