my lips are sealed … but it’s probably due to almond butter


Alerted by my ever-watchful hair artist, I looked at the list of performers at ZooTunes this year. I haven’t been to ZooTunes in 7-8 years. But what a great lineup: Taj Mahal, Lucinda Williams, k.d. lang, Aimee Mann, and local star, Brandi Carlile (sold out). And more. But no, I chose to get tickets for the 30th anniversary tour of The Go-Go’s. That’s the beeeg parteee show. (Still considering Aimee Mann, though.)

No excuses needed for loving The Go-Go’s. Their first hits like the one on the video below are good, but I think their later album Talk Show is also a great one that stands the test of time. You can’t top songs like “Beneath the Blue Sky,” “Head Over Heels,” the relentless “Turn To You.”

Almond butter on Ak-Mak crackers is a favorite treat that has nothing to do with this, but the stuff is dang sticky and made for a good title. Now I just have to sit back and wait for August to roll around.


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