classic seattle bike ride


I head out late in the afternoon for my patented mite-ee-boy™ ride. That means over the boat locks, across the locks and up to the very beautiful Discovery Park for two loops up and down the challenging park hills; then over to the amazing views of Magnolia bluff, then complete the Magnolia loop bike route and head back over the locks. Much elevation gained and lost today. It all works out in the end. I would say it was roughly equivalent to what this person did.

Highlights include:

  • When crossing  the wooden bridge high above the railroad across the street from the locks, someone complimented me on my “Helvetica” t-shirt (thanks Maggie), plus I witnessed a fluttering snowstorm of blossoms cascade down from the trees to the tracks in the wind.
  • The locks were crowded on the way over, and it’s the time of year when big pipes are releasing water from upstream to downstream, giving smolts a jet-propelled head-start toward Puget Sound.
  • The park also gave me an opportunity to do a little dirt riding when the pavement path ran out. Thanks to the semi-fat tires on my retro classic Bridgestone cross bike, I was fine. Did I mention the handlebar-mustache handlebars? It’s dreamy, that bike.
  • About half-way through the ride, I was cruising through a good bracing cold rain, giving me an opportunity to test my brakes on steep, wet hills.
  • Thanks to the rain, the tourist crowds had thinned considerably on my way back through the locks. The words “cruising,” “rain,” and “crowds” pulled up some Leonard Cohen lyrics, which are always lumbering around just below conscious level, and have been for 30 years or more. Today it was “Master Song.”
    and you cruised above the ribbons of rain
    that drove the crowd from the stands.
    Why is Mr. Cohen’s deep voice always haunting my mental back 40?

The only way it could have been a better classic Seattle ride is if someone was riding along with me, but I’m content.


3 thoughts on “classic seattle bike ride

  1. dangblog

    Does your lovely pink bike have lots of gears, and do you wear bike shoes, and have pedal straps or clamps for your shoes? Makes a big difference on hills.

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