mars attacks amazon


After completing a purchase on, this ghastly image came up with an invitation to click on it to learn about fabulous new swimwear. Eyes wide open under water. Plastic lips. The beach party zombie look! It actually scared me.

Then I realized that the photo reminded me of something. Remember the alien call girl from Mars Attacks? Until I Googled her I had forgotten that she briefly went behind a big aquarium and achieved the same effect as the woman in the ad.

Don’t miss the first few seconds of this video of her walking toward the camera. Note the gum chewing.

Stay away from the beach this summer.


One thought on “mars attacks amazon

  1. yacman

    Yep, a pretty astonishing similarity in appearance. Both remind me of Barbie Dolls, only with the puffy lips of Angelina Jolie. Paris Hilton-types maybe. Boring bleary-eyed zombies. Mannequins. Somebody please buy these women a meal!

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