two wheels on the ground


For the first time since I experienced the “terrible triad of the elbow,” I rode my bike to work. I’ve been bicycling a fair amount on weekends and some evenings, but not to work. Today was the Bike to Work Day event, however. I rode downtown and picked up bike-to-work-day swag along the way; mostly cardboard-like granola bars, but also some juice, a water bottle, and … my very own tiny mandarin orange.

I celebrated by going to REI on my lunch break and buying new bike shoes, on sale, to replace my centuries old shoes with the extra-long laces that threaten to get tangled in the gears. Later, I was speaking with the proprietor of Reza’s Italian lunch diner, and he seemed skeptical of the concept of cycling shoes. He’s a nice guy but he knows naught about bicycle riding. How much harder must you push on the pedals with mushy-soled street shoes or sneakers versus the firm push of rock-solid cycling shoes? Much harder. Much energy wasted. The man knows his calzones, but not his own feet.

Then after work was a bike-to-work block party, which happened to be in my own Ballard neighborhood, so I stopped by. Lots of spandex, dude. Entered drawings to win bike stuff. Ate samples of Clif bars. We know how to have fun, don’t we? The best part was stopping in at the Sunset Tavern where I listened to some of KEXP’s great “Shake the Shack” show live. The station was having ‘hood party, because Ballardites had given the most donations in a recent fund drive.

There were lots of bike-centic booths and displays. I wanted to set up my own booth and give out flyers that say, “Don’t bike to work! You might get smashed.” But that wouldn’t be sporting. I may even bike to work a few more times just to tempt fate.


4 thoughts on “two wheels on the ground

  1. younger green

    New laces would have cheaper than new shoes, even on sale. I bet your shoes aren’t older than my bike shoes, 1984? They are the flat bottom ones, no fancy hook up onto the pedal.
    I say keep tempting fate. What are the chances of another accident? My new position will be about a 12 mile bike ride. We’ll see how many times I make it on my bike.

  2. dangblog

    No, they weren’t that old. My feet have changed size since 1984. Chances of another accident? Pretty good if I keep riding. How bad an accident, I don’t know.

  3. gl.

    well obviously if you built that bikezip bridge above the traffic you wouldn’t have any problems. and if we had zeppelins instead of streetcars we wouldn’t even have to worry about the tracks.

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