desperately seeking anything

Saturday at the Folklife Festival, between all the buskers, I caught:
The Howdy Boys – old time country/bluegrass
Tai Shan – talented singer/songwriter
The Bollywood Project: mixture of traditional Indian dance and bellydance, I think.
The Elderly – Fleet Foxes wannabes. Enjoyed their harmonies and sound, though at this time they’re a bit too derivative of the FFs.
Fresh Cider band – I contra danced for most of an hour.
Saturday night I saw the movie, “The Incredible Shrinking Man” thanks to Maggie’s recording efforts. It’s based on a Richard Matheson novel. For a 50’s science fiction film,  it does not go where you expect it to. You might think the shrinking dude will be saved and returned to his wife. Instead he just keeps getting smaller, yet the film ends with an upbeat meditation on the universe and what it all means.

Sunday – Film festival movie from Africa. “A Screaming Man.” It’s a bleak tale about a family in war-torn Chad.  To me, the entire film was a cry for help. I wish the director had been at the screening to talk about it.
Back to Folklife Festival:
– Don’t know who was performing, but heard some beautiful, almost operatic singing of Hungarian folk music.
– On the same stage, a large group of women did Hungarian folk dance, and something about them reminded me of the munchkins in the “Wizard of Oz.” It was disturbing.
I went to the “Indie Roots” stage and heard:
Shenandoah Davis – only caught the last two songs. Very interesting music. Plays piano, warbles lyrics, accompanied by cello. Try it.
Sunday Evening Whiskey Club – alternative country.
Pickwick – Rhythm and blues, definitely inspired by Marvin Gaye and Motown.
– While getting off the bus near home, I met a woman named Frances, who needed help carrying her bag with a senior discount meal in it. I spent about ten minutes assisting her. While talking to Frances, I casually mentioned that she must make a plan to get to the senior meals program each Sunday. “I don’t like the word ‘plan’,” she replied. “I like to just … ” she trailed off.  “Improvise?” I asked. “Yes. I like to improvise.”
– That night I went to the playwrights showcase in West Seattle. Saw some very nice work in progress. Had an interesting conversation with Esme, the very talented 10-year-old actor, and had an opportunity to meet Schn00dle’s newly adopted son (he’s from Thailand). Seemed like a nice, smart, thirteen-year-old.

Monday. Folklife again. About three hours of contra dance and only once did I literally stomp on someone’s foot. “Noisy Waters,” “Small Pleasures,” and the “Cookie Band” provided music.

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