close encounters


This weekend I was on my bicycle, riding along a street at my usual pretty-fast speed, when very suddenly there was a reason to find out how well my brakes worked. A driver decided to pull into a parking spot by turning right in front of me. “Thank you!” I yelled. “Thank you very much!” (We’re so damn polite here.) Brakes worked pretty well. I stopped inches from the car. The driver belatedly backed up and let me past. Whatever. I have one good elbow to spare for the next crash. This was a day after I saw a movie called “Fuck My Life” at the film festival.*

A week ago the “quack was on the other beak” as someone I used to know would say. I had just parked the truck on the street in front of our house. I was about to pop open the door when I checked the side view mirror and saw two girls on bikes right beside me. An opened door would have walloped them. Life is full of close calls.

*Chilean romantic comedy, actually. Predictable but fun.


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