something about a monkey brain


Back at spin class after a long absence. The instructor was new to me. Sometimes she was cryptic and Zen-like. “Ease into the discomfort.” “Clear your mind.” Then she said something about exercise enabling us to quiet our overactive monkey brains.

I’m proud of my monkey brain. The one in my head, not the one I cooked for dinner tonight. (Just kidding. I haven’t made monkey brain soup for years.)

Anyway, my primate thinking organ is perfectly designed for overactivity and blogging. I don’t want to stop it.

Spin class is for mental wheels as well as metal ones. Tonight I was subjectively spinning off into oblivion. The music was sort of Wagner-esque techno, if that makes any sense. Operatic vocals diverted my attention while the beat just pounded me into the floor. I felt sad and sinking.

And I promise not to write anymore when I’m half asleep. 


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