double horror at the natural foods store


The letters to the editor of the PCC (Puget Consumers Co-op) newsletter rarely fail to entertain.

In the current issue a reader is alarmed by gelato. What could make gelato scary, you may ask? The reader was disturbed because it might contain (cover your eyes if you’re squeamish) corn syrup!

It gets worse, so stop here if you’re prone to nightmares. Only the brave are still here, right? Okay.

The sad fact is that the nasty corn syrup might also be GMO. Genetically modified high fructose corn syrup hiding in an innocent-looking tub of gelato!

Life is hell for suburban shoppers who are after all just trying to feed their families. It’s tough out there for the battle-scarred gelato hunters weary of reading yet another label that doesn’t give the provenance of the sugar molecules.

Oh for the days when you could just bring down a free range organic wild boar with a sharpened non-rainforest wooden spear from a branch that naturally fell from a tree after a strong gust of non-polluted wind. Drink the animal’s blood and give thanks to the goddess.

No more. Today you have to shoot an email to the editor just to find out what hell kind of sugar is in the frickin’ gelato.


One thought on “double horror at the natural foods store

  1. No kidding. People get really outraged about something that seems to me to just be concentrated sugar. I mean like… angry! What ever happened to those old standbys like war and pestilence and stuff?

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