It’s official – I now subscribe to too many podcasts to actually listen to. Must … have … more … information. Big Picture Science. On the Media. The Atheist Experience. Savage Lovecast. Bring it on. I’ll grow another ear. I’ll listen while asleep. Where the heck is that computer-brain interface? It’s needed now.

I heard the RadioLab episode about the guy who could imagine four symphonies playing simultaneously, He could start playing all four symphonies in his mind at the same time. Check in with him 45 minutes later and ask exactly what the bassoon player is playing at that point in the symphony that Orchestra A is playing, and what the violinist is playing in the symphony that Orchestra B is playing, and so on. He knows. He’s got it all in his mind. Every note of every instrument in four different orchestras. He’s keeping track. That’s how I know that I could handle a computer-brain interface and soak up all the data I want. Brains are good at this stuff.

Another new habit I’ve developed is using the Kindle app on my phone. When I’m waiting in line or eating lunch, it will take me right to where I left off reading last time I read my Kindle at home. Tonight at the contra dance I was sitting out a dance due to the unfortunately high male-to-female ratio. A guy next to me noticed how intently I was staring into my phone. Looked like I was studying, he said. Nope. Just reading a novel. Squishing info.

Meanwhile at work, the pace is getting busier. I’m molding and spitting out more information. Email, interview, write, edit, and send. More and more Instant Messages are popping up and I end up doing two conversations at once. I even talk on the telephone. Nothing much happens in the physical world, but information is created and destroyed. Servers are served. A tiny fraction of the Cloud is me.

My brain feels the way her hair looks:


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