down on the worm farm


I met someone Friday night who’s got a worm bin at home. I used to hear about worm bins a lot. They were the best way to decompose your vegetable matter and produce rich soil for the garden. This person said her worm bin had been neglected. The worms weren’t looking all that hale and hearty. You had to dig around a bit to find them. I didn’t care. I was truly excited to meet a genuine worm farmer.

As the economy decomposes, worm farming could return to prominence. I read this on the Internet, source of all truth: earthworms eaten by the Ye’Kuana Amerindians in Venezuela are 63-72% high-quality protein. Good mineral content, too. Ten times more iron than soy beans, which are considered to be fairly iron-rich. If you can turn your table scraps into a quality food source with spaghetti-like qualities, you’ve got a good thing going.


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