Recently I posted about how my podcast listening had spun out of control. Now I’m noticing all the cross-pollination that goes on in the podcast and broadcast world. A man I mostly know as a contestant on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Paul Provenza, has also appeared at The Amazing Meeting and was recently interviewed on Skeptics Guide to the Universe. I’m really giving Paul short shrift here, because appearing on Wait Wait is the least among his achievements. Matt on The Atheist Experience referenced Dan Savage’s Lovecast to answer a caller’s question. And local skeptic blogger Blag Hag, whom I met last Darwin Day, appeared on Lovecast to cast her skeptical light in those places generally covered by clothing. If On the Media hasn’t already mixed it up with the skeptics crowd, I’m sure it will.

I saw a burst of recent hits on this blog’s counter only to see that it’s yet another swarm of people looking at my bike-in-a-tree photo that Cracked once linked to.  It continues to be the greatest hit in this non-notable blog. Followed by the epigenetic orthodontic controversy that goes on and go.

Since I’m spattering, I should mention that I heard a pile of five minute presentations by a wide variety of speakers at Ignite Seattle this weekend. (“Enlighten Us, But Make It Quick.”) A woman gave a five-minute lecture about lab rats. A little kid gave a five-minute talk on how to control your parents (“Hacking Your Parents”), a woman spoke about giving presentations while doing a small aerial ballet, and George Dyson gave a short history of the kayak in the Northwest along with pictures and stories of his own kayak building and adventures. I have read George’s very interesting book, Darwin Among the Machines, which has made me want to read more about Samuel Butler. George’s Dad, by the way, Freeman Dyson, is an awesome physicist and mathematician who science fiction fans will know as the guy who conceptualized the Dyson Sphere, and the guy who worked on the Orion Project. (Look up the Orion Project for an incredible true story.)

I gotta go.


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