bad camper


He who is least prepared is best prepared.

I just made up that aphorism to cover for the fact that this year marks the least preparation I’ve ever done for Burning Man. Yes, my tutu is packed. Yes, I have printed another batch of spectral zoology cards (have yet to cut them out). Food? I’ve got some random canned goods and Indian dinner packets stashed away.

Are the marine batteries I use to power my CPAP going to last another year? What about the dusty, beat-up inverter that absolutely cannot fail me or I’m toast (dusty toast)? We’ll find out when I get there. Am I still wearing the “One Fish, Two Fish,  Red Fish, Blue Fish” boxer shorts that I’ve worn every year since 2001? Yup. (I think I washed them in 2006, so they’re good for at least one more year.)

Haven’t even looked at my Hell Huffy to see if rolls and pedals. “My name is Dang and I am a BAD CAMPER.”


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