shamanism and spirit animals

It was my second shift as an Oracle at the PlayaInfo table. One of the first people to approach me that day was a woman who said, “I’m looking for the Skeptical Bastards camp.”

“Yo ho!” I replied. “That’s my camp!” We jumped for joy. We hugged. Of all the camps in Black Rock City, she happened to be looking for mine. There were only five and a half bastards, so it was kind of surprising, but on the other hand, Bastard John had made sure we had several events listed in the Who What When Where Guide.

This woman was excited because the Bastards were doing spirit animal divining. “I just love shamanism and all that,” she exclaimed. In fact, the spirit animal divining had occurred the previous day at 10 a.m. I knew that because I am the Spectral Zoologist who helps the spirit animal find its human counterpart. It was a pretty successful event. We had a steady stream of visitors over the course a few hours. Many souls were enlightened.

I told the eager woman that she was a day late, but I would certainly be willing to assist her at any time. I said, “Now remember, the name of the camp is Skeptical Bastards.” She replied that she didn’t care because she loved shamanism and really wanted to know about her totem animal. She didn’t get the hint that she might end up with a tapeworm as a spirit guide.

If she dropped by the camp, I wasn’t there to receive her. But I’ve divined her animal spirit with my special deck of cards. Her magnificent spirit guide is calling out to her and I hope it leads her to this Web page. Here it is (click to enlarge).

2 thoughts on “shamanism and spirit animals

  1. I came by Skeptical Bastards and was united with my spirit animal, The Naked Mole Rat. It was easily one of the best things I did on playa this year. Thanks so much!

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