nigel tufnel day and the joyous planetary energies of 11:11


I’m crawling out my hole. temporarily to celebrate Nigel Tufnel Day (11/11/11). He’s the guy from This is Spinal Tap who had the special guitar amplifier that would go beyond 10 to the mighty “11” that we celebrate around the world today. You can watch Nigel (Christopher Guest) explain how it works here. Then do a Google search to find Spinal Tap performing “Big Bottom” or another classic and sing along.

Meanwhile, I picked up a local new age newspaper, New Spirit Journal, and discovered that there is much more to 11/11/11. According to an article about this date: “Many people are drawn to see 11:11 when it appears on digital clocks and in other serendipitous environments, feeling a triggering within and knowing that it means something important.” The numbers trigger you! And you know it’s important! If that seems vague and meaningless to you, then read on.

“The energies of 11:11 are being embodied on our planet through a set of planetary activations called the doorway of 11:11.” Now it becomes clear, eh? There are 11 gates within the doorway, and each gate has a keynote and a master cylinder. Aha. It was quite simple. But in case you’re really having trouble making sense of this, check out this link to get a full and satisfying explanation. Meanwhile, I’ve got a planetary activation to take care of. See you next year on 12/12/12.


One thought on “nigel tufnel day and the joyous planetary energies of 11:11

  1. Track 11: “(Listen To The) Flower People.” Did any previous work anticipate the East versus West rap wars of the ’90s as clearly as the peace and love chestnut “(Listen To The) Flower People?” Sitars juxtaposed with lengthy strains of Mozart. No one wins, and yet everyone does.

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