stupid einstein


In the first half of the 1980s there was a brief psychedelic revival in Los Angeles. The Rain Parade were favorites, but I saw The Three O’Clock when they came through Seattle. Up above the Oddfellows Hall on Capitol Hill. A fun light show. That’s about all I remember.


One thought on “stupid einstein

  1. Alan Goldsmith

    When I was booking shows at Ann Arbor’s Joe’s Star Lounge in the early 80s we had The Three O’Clock do a concert. Though we did scores of great dates at the 150-200 seat dive bar (including REM, Dream Syndicate, John Cale, Violent Femmes, The Replacements, Green on Red, The Long Ryders, Los Lobos, and pretty much all the hot small gig American bands who were out on the road at the time, The Three O’Clock were the only band I got autographs from…well three of the four. I think the drummer split early with a groupie, so I only got three. Psychedelic!

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