delicate ipod operation


Just when I could least afford it my iPod battery began to give out. Can’t live without my podcasts, however, so my choices:

  • new Apple battery installation $100 + shipping.
  • new iPod. $160 for 16 GB nano, or $250 for 160 GB classic. The former is too small and the latter is too big and expensive. Where’s the middle ground? My current one is 30 GB and just right.
  • install mail-order battery myself – approximately $30.

So I sent away for a battery. I took the included plastic tool, carefully pried opened my iPod, levered the old battery out of a pool of glue, pulled the connector ribbon, connected new one, and voila! What Steve Jobs didn’t want to grant us is possible through the miracle of Milliamp. The battery is guaranteed for ten years. We’ll see how long my connection work holds up.





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