the weight on my cell phone


Its alarm gets me up in the morning. Its “One Bus Away” app tells me how long I’ve got between getting up and getting to my bus to downtown. Its little colored blink tells when email has arrived. The voice navigation GPS was very helpful on at least one occasion. The Kindle app keeps me reading when I don’t have my Kindle with me. Not bad for a phone more than two years old. And last but not least the tether app brings the Internet to my computer.

My “unlimited” data plan is a lie. It provides 5 GB of data at a tolerable speed and then slows down to 14.4 K modem speed. Until my monthly pay period renews. Youngsters may not get the modem reference. That was before ubiquitous broadband, when modems squealed static like stuck pigs when you connected.  We use to talk about baud rates ‘n stuff.

I haven’t quite reached the end of my tether yet but I’m close which is why I sit in a coffee shop watching my laptop battery charge drop like the fuel gauge on the truck. The nearest wall plug is taken by two other computer users.

Step back in time with me now and dial up to the Internet:


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