has anyone counted?


I decided to delve into the fourth volume of the Game of Thrones series and I’m wondering how many heads, arms, and other body parts have been hacked off since the first volume. It would make a pretty large stack. And why am I still reading? Strong characters and a compelling story, I guess, although both of these features feel slightly more thin in this book compared to the first three.

I enjoyed the concept of the religion in which new devotees (usually young men) are literally drowned in the ocean and then dragged back in from the surf and resuscitated. Those who survive are truly born again and have a common rite of passage. The description of the high priest of the Drowned God, though, got to be a little overbearing. He lives in a driftwood house, he eats seaweed soup, he goes out and stands in the surf for inspiration, he can’t stand being away from the coast, and the author doesn’t say this, but he’s probably got the world’s biggest seashell collection … okay, we get the point.

No worries, though. Soon we’re back to head chopping and brutal, complicated, political machinations. Newt Gingrich wouldn’t last more than a few minutes in this maelstrom. Even Jesse “The Body” Ventura, former wrestler and former governor of Minnesota, would be doomed.


4 thoughts on “has anyone counted?

  1. Janna Wachter

    Hello Dan,
    I met you at Kelly’s singles party and you gave me your blog and email. I’m so glad you did. I’ve read the first page and have so much to respond to.
    The Byrds – I haven’t heard them forever!- is one of the best bands of that era. I find myself singing times they are a changin’ a lot. Yes, I know Bob Dylan wrote it but, it’s them I hear singing.
    The religion of the Spaghetti Monster. I have a couple of friends who subscribe to it also. It’s always a good sign of the person’s character as far as I’m concerned. At the very least it shows they have a sense of humor about religion. It’s imperative for living in today’s world.
    The ancient stuff was very interesting, especially the first about the ancient seaweed underwater. And yes, I am jealous that I can’t live underground.
    “They’re made of Meat” Where did you find that one? loooooved it.I even wrote an encouraging response to them as well.
    I will continue reading the old entries. I hope you write me back. I would like to see you again. I’m happy we met.
    your new friend,

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