soggy, murky, and improbable


Huge and ancient I. From The Guardian: A 15-kilometer stretch of seagrass under the Mediterranean could be as much as 200,000 years old, “dating it to the late Pleistocene and the dawn of humanity.”  The seagrass reproduces by cloning itself. Don’t you feel embarrassed to be a short-lived hominid that can’t even live underwater?

Huge and ancient IILake Vostok holds 1,300 cubic miles of water, but it’s been sealed away from the atmosphere under Antarctic ice for tens of millions of years. Looks like Russian scientists have drilled into it. Chthulu will either enslave them or he’ll move into one of the smaller, connected chasms.

Huge and ancient III. Strong evidence for a former ocean on Mars. Remember that line from “Are You Experienced?” about watching the sunrise from the bottom of the sea? It would be a puny sunrise on the bottom of the Martian ocean, but it would be fun. We need a new ocean on Mars.


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