more watching and appreciating


Here’s what I did:

Saw the movie, “Hugo.” I loved it. Although there is much fantasy in the story, I suspect the scenes that show the filming of Georges Méliès’ silent movies was much like it happened: the glass studio, the props, and the painted backdrops. Fine use of 3D, but it’s the story and acting that make it work. Sacha Baron Cohen has a minor role that gets increasingly funny as the film proceeds. Dangblog gives it two opposable hominid thumbs upward.

Saw two seals lying on a detached square of dock near the West Seattle ferry terminal. One of them kept balancing on her or his belly. With the belly as a fulcrum, it had its head in the air on one end and flippers tilted in the air on the other. Very Dr. Suessian.

Here’s what I am:

Grateful for friends and family.

Glad that I worked out an exercise routine that doesn’t take up 90 minutes of after-work time. Instead of a post-work spin class, I now often go to the gym on my lunch break and do ten sets of 60-second intervals on a good spin-class-quality bike. Ride like hell for a minute, ride slow for a minute, then repeat. The NY Times says this will make me a superhuman within two weeks or triple my no-money back. I’ll get back to you on that.


5 thoughts on “more watching and appreciating

  1. lilbro

    Save a movie or two for my time in Seattle and buy me a seal. I’ll give the interval biking a try this week. In March we can do a tandem interval workout as long as you go first.

  2. dangblog

    I’m sure you could try it without joining a gym. Most gyms are happy to give you a free membership for a day or so to try to lure you into joining.

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