flu, monsters from the id, yosemite sam, tim buckley


Virus varmints have got me under their spell. Sleep. Drink. Sleep. Read. Waiting for the little critters to let go. For the first time ever I turned up the heat in here so it’s not like the frozen tundra. Unexpected benefit: once in a great while, the baseboard heating elements make an echoey metallic sound very much like the sound effect used whenever the “id monster” approached in the classic film, Forbidden Planet.

The sun is shining but I’ll crawl back into the virus bog and await their departure. To the viruses I can only say what Yosemite Sam used to say to Bugs Bunny, “Say your prayers, ya flea-bitten varmit!” I needed something to accompany this meager blog entry and my two top choices were (1) an electron microscope image of a reconstructed 1918 pandemic flu virus or (2) a melancholy Tim Buckley video.


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