the month ahead – more appreciation


Dentist appointment. Is a reptilian jaw with monstrous curving teeth trying to sprout from my skull through the miracle of epigenetics? Probably not. But if it is happening, I’ll find out next week.

Puppet people. I hope to begin collaborating with a friend who does puppetry. I’ll put words in the puppet’s mouth, she’ll put fingers in the puppet’s mouth. Sounds like an even trade.

Sibling visit.  Action packed few days include Theo’s Chocolate tour, Moisture Festival, and maybe Rat City Roller Girls. Photo below is either my brother or Moisture Fest entertainer Armitage Shanks- they’re not so different.

Neil deGrasse Tyson visits Seattle. He’s one of my favorite people in this space-time continuum and I plan to hear him do his StarTalk radio show live. Appropriately enough, the show is at the Neptune. If it was called the Pluto there would be trouble.


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