the considerate blogger


I pay careful attention to the needs of my readers. I noticed, for example, that a modest number of Web searchers come to my site when they search on the words, “space bikini.” So I went back to the space bikini post and updated two of the links there. Note: Turns out that in addition to the space-wear that I refer to there’s a band called Space Bikini, and that’s the reason my post doesn’t come up on Google until the second page of results. Dang it.

One of the more popular posts on this blog is the one about epigenetic orthodontics, where there are 48 responses. (That’s the dangblog equivalent of two million responses.) I was thrilled recently when someone there fulfilled Godwin’s Law by making a reference to the Gestapo, thereby automatically losing the argument. The fact that this was some sort of alleged orthodontics Gestapo made it all the more enjoyable.

Then there was the person who asked me to remove his/her name as the author of a comment on the moderately popular Forty Years in My Ears post. I’m purposely being ambiguous as to the sex of the person — or that person was both male and female — you decide. I granted the wish and removed the name. Then this person mailed me again to say that his/her name still appeared in Google searches. I was unable to reach my tentacles into Google servers and erase the cache there, however, leaving an unsatisfied reader. Sigh.

You can’t please everyone, but you can please the zillions of people that still come to worship the bike-in-a-tree post, the almighty ruler of dangblog hits. I won’t even link back to it in this already too self-referential post. It’s meta, man. Posting about posting about posts. When you ask Google to search of images of meta you get:


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