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You don’t care about this, but the flu that was allegedly long gone is leaving a residue of fatigue or something along those lines, giving me spare time to work on on puppet scripts, cookie consumption, and an important follow-up on my last post.

The last post included a photo capture from an old Star Trek episode. Geekoids will recall this one in which some swirly special-effect alien fed on hostile emotions. It stimulated anger and hatred in people and then lapped up the feelings like a cat slurping milk.

The result, of course, was that Klingons and humans were forced to laugh together to defeat the common enemy and the metaphor hits the 15-year-old audience right between the eyes.

Comcast may be one such emotion-eating entity, but it remains to be seen if the company will continue to go out of its way to create ill will like the TV creature did. In this case, capitalist competition, rather than laughter, may be the best medicine.

Trivia: In the photo, Kirk and Spock stand with a Klingon from the era before Klingons had forehead bumps. How they later came to acquire them or whether there is an offshoot race with different heads is a matter of speculation, probably long since settled among hardcore fans.

Early species

Later edition

Creature that stimulates bad feelings

Company with similar influence


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