encounter with dawkins


“Excuse me,” I said.
“Sorry,” said Richard Dawkins.

That’s it. I had taken a step backwards and bumped into the famous scientist and writer as he was looking into a cell phone and possibly walking in my direction. My companion, Dr. Bastian, had invited me to attend a lecture  by Prof. Dawkins, and also talked me into volunteering to help out at the event. That’s  how I ended up wandering around by the stage and crashing into a Fellow of the Royal Society.

For a mere $5 admission, it was an event worth attending. I’m most interested in Dawkins’ ability to speak to a lay audience about evolutionary biology, though I knew this talk was going to center a bit more on religion. (I never read Dawkin’s book, The God Delusion, because I already agree and would rather read his science stuff and learn something new.) Still, he’s a well-spoken and interesting guy and doesn’t come here very often. Sean Faircloth also spoke, as did another Dawkins Foundation officer, Dr. Elisabeth Cornwell.

Sure, I would have rather gone to another Neil deGrasse Tyson event, but I only get one of those per weekend. And I’m totally behind the Dawkins people when it comes to church/state separation, as I’ve written about before on this blog.



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