a quacky outrage


The person who plays Master Nashwan on screen and on the Web has let me know of an incredible insult. The Quackometer website gives my Nashwan site five quacks!

Five lousy quacks! What does it take to achieve a full ten-quacker rating? Let’s review. The Master Nashwan site includes:

  1. A stupid 2012 doomsday prediction
  2. A grinning guru
  3. Delusional use of quantum physics
  4. A miraculous shroud image
  5. A map of Atlantis
  6. Yogic stupefaction
  7. A miracle healing product for sale
  8. Vague, meaningless crap
  9. Requests for mindless obedience
  10. Requests for undeserved love
  11. A whole frickin’ guru movie

The Quackometer is broken. GIVE ME MY QUACKS, DAMMIT! Look at this guy and tell me I don’t deserve ten quacks. I dare you. Click on the picture, love him, and hate Quackometer.


4 thoughts on “a quacky outrage

  1. yacman

    I must say that I take great umbrage to this analysis. If you return to the homepage of the quackometer, you will find that MASTER NASHWAN himself has ZERO canards. In fact, they state explicitly that “My guess is that this person is not a Quack!” My umbrage is in a bunch, because Dangblog has not explicitly stated this. In fact, I would speculate that the Master has been framed by some disreputable (possibly jealous?) blogger who may have created this outrageous site for some unstated nefarious reason. I’m contacting the relevant authorities.

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