three amazing possibilities involving communism, capitalism, and social organization



Representative Allen West, Republican, Florida said that “he’s heard” that up to 80 U.S. House Democrats are Communist Party members, but wouldn’t name names. That’s a significant win for the communists, but I’m confused about the dual-party membership. I think you should choose one political party for simplicity’s sake.


I saw a poster yesterday announcing a “General Strike” on May 1st here in Seattle as part of a global anti-capitalist movement. It said, “No work. No school. Shut down the city.”  Revolt. Strike. Occupy. TAKE TO THE STREETS. After May 1 there may be no more capitalism, so buy, sell, and own now, while you can, with wild abandon.


I’ve heard that our government will force each of us to have a tentacled deep-sea parasite implanted in our noses. Then three times per day we’ll have to direct prayers to a planet in the Messier 9 star cluster. Get ready for a pilgrimage to the nearest ocean to receive your implant.


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