language barrier


A long time ago I Facebook-friended some podcasters in Australia. Recently one of them posted the following: “Thanks to the asshat who nicked my nomming trolley from the bottom of my stairs.” ¬†She was pretty angry.

What the heck she was talking about? A nomming trolley? A few other non-Aussies asked her this very question. Her response: “It’s a shopping trolley you fill with noms, like a Nanna trolley.” She went on to say that it was bright pink so it would be difficult for the thief to sell it.

Shopping cart? Do Australians buy their own shopping carts? Bright pink ones? I know about “nom nom” as in the sound of eating. But what about the Nanna trolley? Obviously a special trolley just for bananas, right? Or nannies.

Time to go wozzle my frub.