shock deluxe


I’m the proud owner of a “New and Improved Shok Fence”! Click on the image for an even larger view. Most amazing is the little sign that says “For indoor or outdoor use.” It’s posed with a paperback book so you can see that it’s about 30 centimeters tall. I like the vaguely ominous dome with the HAL eye in the middle.

It has a power plug and some wiring attached but I’ve been afraid to plug it in. I’ll need some super-insulated shock-proof gloves and an outdoor outlet before I’m ready for the possibility of fire, electrocution, and judgment day.  It looks like you simply plug it in and attach a metal clamp to whatever fence you want to electrify. It’s just that easy. Maybe I can use it in the kitchen.

Here’s something curious. I Googled on the manufacturer, “International Electric Fence Company” and came up with this 1944 newspaper ad, and this result regarding a trademark dispute. The actual device says “Caldwell, Idaho” on it, but these links refer to Washington State.

Where did I get the Shok Fence? Let us note the passing of an institution. Deluxe Junk is being evicted from its home after 30 years in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. Presumably the property owners decided a more lucrative renter could be found. Maybe Deluxe Junk will be replaced with a shop that sells ruby-encrusted dog collars, or maybe they’ll tear it down and build condos.

When I visited, everything was 50% off, so the Shok Fence was a real bargain.