do weird stuff with a microwave oven, then honk


As an official volunteer at the Seattle Mini Maker Faire, I have been authorized to say the following about the event this weekend:

  • See the Air Kraken Trike at the Seattle Mini Maker Faire June 2 and 3! 
    This fire-breathing welded oversize tricycle is a kinetic sculpture and human-powered machine.
  • Seattle Mini Maker Faire Announces the 2012 Maker Selection: 50 Teams Picked to Participate in First-Ever Seattle Event – see the list here:

It’s also my duty to inform you that Honkfest is this weekend.


maybe her thoughts are with somebody else


I know some people whose thoughts are definitely with someone else, but that’s not the point here. The point is that over the years several people have recommended the film, “Amelie,” so I finally got it from the library. I love the way this movie looks. I liked the cute and quirky until around 60 to 90 minutes in, at which point I reached my cute and quirky quota. It’s sweet, it’s adorable, and it pushed my adorable meter just a little into the too-much zone.

I discovered that I enjoy taking photographs of movies as they are playing on my computer. How can I turn this into a hobby, art, or business venture?

festival day


Welcome to my yesterday. First, the Folklife Festival, where I heard among others things, French-Canadian music with step dancing (Podorythmie), rockabilly group Marshall Scott Warner, the Runaway Train Bluegrass Band, Portland’s Truckstop Darlin’, and the Softies:

I made a paper boat and watched it going down the drain
So goodbye, wishing you well and hello rain

Then a crowded bus ride to see a SIFF movie, “Take This Waltz.” Superb acting. Great performances all around but Michelle Williams really carries the film. I had a few complaints, but it’s well worth it overall. Hurray for Toronto, by the way. Made me want to visit. Oh yeah, comedian Sarah Silverman has a role and does a nice job with a part that fits her personality well. Directed by Sarah Polley.

two is company, three is a cult


The 38th annual Seattle International Film Festival is here with more than 400 films and I’ve boldly purchased tickets for two. Well, I can’t afford to see them all, can I?

This week I see Take This Waltz, which is bound to have the Leonard Cohen song of the same name on the  soundtrack. That reminds me that Cohen is coming to town in November. I have to decide about that concert.

Then in a couple weeks I see The Source. It’s a cult film but not that kind of cult film. No, it’s a film about a cult. Do you love cults? I do. That’s why I’m also interested in The Sound of My Voice but I think it’s already come and gone.

From the LOLTHULHU site:

floating vibes


Last time I posted this song (January 2011)  it was rudely blocked by some kind of copyright infringement problem related to the You Tube poster. In case the video below has a problem. I’ll also provide a link. Either way, you must turn up the volume and swim in the fuzzy pop noise.

bee wings 101


My first bee workshop  produced wings or at least the first iteration of wings. Need more sparkly stuff. I need antennae, an abdomen, and ideally another pair of limbs before taking my place in the hive the next month.