in no particular order: makers, toads, aliens

  • I’ve volunteered to take tickets or perform some similar activity at the upcoming Seattle Mini Maker Faire to get a first-hand look at what local makers are up to. I will write some promotional copy for them if they ask me to. I’ll report on the event here for the discerning blog reader.
  • I sat in a coffee shop with some friends tonight and watched the cops have two vehicles towed away for illegal parking. I spoke to one crestfallen couple who came to the space where their truck used to be, carrying some leftovers from a restaurant. There’s a stomach-dropping moment when you realize that your wheels are gone, followed by denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance, in no particular order.
  • The latest episode of the Oh No, Ross and Carrie! podcast is their best. That’s probably because they can’t stop themselves from frequently laughing out loud as they describe their experience of joining the Raelians. The founder of the movement, Claude Vorilhon, once wrote a book with the unbeatable title of  Space Aliens Took Me to Their Planet: The Most Important Revelation in the History of Mankind, The Book Which Tells The Truth. 

In honor of space aliens and those whose vehicles have been towed (or toad), let’s appreciate the Firesign Theater in the clip below. They were comedy geniuses in their day. To truly appreciate this, ignore the video since it was made for radio, and realize that a large portion of this loopy business was probably improvised.


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