who is the real god-man?


Let us compare and contrast – on the one hand we have World Master Samraj Nashwan, and on the other we have Himalayan Master Yogiraj Sat Gurunath Siddhanath.

Master Nashwan: “You are a tiny speck in an ocean of infinite bliss.”
Yogiraj Siddahanath (from a guided meditation) “I visualize I am the full moon of love. I inhale love.”

Master Nashwan: Maintains his River of Life ashram near the blessed White Center neighborhood in Washington State.
Yogiraj Siddahanath: Maintains the Siddhanath Forest Ashram in Pune, India. His ashram is a “Tapo-Bhoomi (kundalini power center).”

 Master Nashwan: Sells his bottled used bathwater. “Drink and absorb his holy vibration.”
 Yogiraj Siddahanath: Sells books, audio recordings, and DVDs, including a book of poetry, Dew Drops of the Soul.

Master Nashwan: Meditated for 40 years before deciding the world was ready to hear his knowledge.
Yogiraj Siddahanath: “…went into spontaneous enlightened states from the age of 3.”

Master Nashwan: Was once observed to laugh for fourteen hours and thirty-one minutes, and then collapse into the state of yogic stupefaction known as Aha Ha Rahm.
Yogiraj Siddahanath: “While traveling as a teenager in the Himalayas, Yogiraj was blessed and empowered by the spiritual supermen of the Himalayan caves.”

Okay, Yogiraj Siddahanath has his own iPhone app and a big shiny chunk of what he calls “alchemical mercury,” but Nashwan has the holy Shroud of Nashwan. And both masters gladly accept donations.

We might call it a draw, but Nashwan is the one who causes the jewel in the lotus of your heart to burn like a five-star Pad Thai. Only a stiff drink of his used bathwater can put it out.


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