stem (science-technology-engineering-math) live!


Here’s an aquarium tank filled with water and tiny bits of nickel. Oh yeah, and several electromagnets and some lights. See a nice film as well as information about the makers here. The tiny flakes of nickel lined up so you could see the magnetic field lines. I also saw a 3-D printer in action.  That and more for spending a few hours using my phone to scan the QR ticket codes of incoming Maker Faire attendees and giving them wrist bands. But all that pales compared to walking through a giant colon, as you can imagine:

Fred Hutch had an exhibit in which you get to swish salt water around in the your mouth, spit it in a tube, add detergent, add alcohol, swirl a toothpick around in it and draw out a glob of DNA. After all that, you take a little drop of DNA and  … are you ready for this? Do they create a hideous lobster-person hybrid with your face? Do they make a giant golden double-helix trophy? No. You put the drop in a plastic container attached to a lanyard and wear it around your neck. That was a major let-down. I’ve got a body full of DNA; I don’t need to hang it around my neck.


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