motion picture activity


“The Source.” Fascinating documentary about a guru-centered spiritual group in early 70s L.A. I thought it was a wonderful look into the lifecycle of a cult. The filmmakers let former participants tell the story, along with tons of film and music that the Source group had made at the time. After the screening, the directors and three of the former group members answered questions. Interestingly, the former members still seemed to venerate “Father Yod” despite his participation in what seems to be a common cult practice of sexually exploiting young women.

Finished the first season of “Portlandia.” I love this show. I loved every episode. From dumpster diving to putting birds on it to Sparkle Pony. I loved seeing people like Gus Van Sant and James Mercer and Aimee Mann pop up. I loved the post-film discussion at the arts festival. And the bicycle man. The book store. It’s all right on target with an absurd twist. I love this show.

What the heck. I had the day off and got into an afternoon showing of “Prometheus” in IMAX and 3D. As with most Hollywood science fiction, you have turn off a sizable number of brain cells first, but then you can enjoy this. There are some tense and interesting segments. The director really pulls out all the stops on the H.R. Giger-inspired design. Nasty things happen. Mild spoiler type info to follow: there are similarities to the “Alien” and “Aliens” movies in terms of chopped android, surviving protagonist, and gooey life forms.


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