One of these speed-detecting signs is on a route where I sometimes go on a bicycle ride. It’s on a slight downhill slope. There’s not a lot of time to accelerate before reaching it, but I do my best. Today I shifted and pedaled and made the sign light up at 26 m.p.h. Next time … 30. Then I can retire and receive my pension.


4 thoughts on “26

  1. Jill

    I have a hobby of running up to these signs and getting it to register a speed, any speed (probably 2 mph since I’m not a fast runner). Wonder if they keep track of the speeds and do statistical analysis?

  2. dangblog

    I don’t know. I’ve been past it a few more times and I can’t seem to get it above 26, but the top seven gears on my bike aren’t working right now so there’s still hope.

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