fish, fair, and fremont


I saw the smolt shooting out of the bypass flumes at the Ballard Locks. Sounds like the soliloquy at the end of Blade Runner, doesn’t it? (“I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.”) But really it’s a bunch of baby fish blasting out of these pipes:

I saw a seagull snatch one up from the water and carry its wriggling body away. Life and death; ain’t it glorious and horrifying? Meanwhile a bunch of  healthy grown up fish were fighting their way up the fish ladder. Later in the day I was up in Magnolia on a bike ride and I took some blurry photos with my old smartphone. All the mountains were out today. These blurry smears are the Olympics. Only slightly less blurry if you click to enlarge:

Fremont is frantic with activity tonight. Bands are playing down at the fair site while the fair is being built. Later tonight I may go help roll the parade floats down to the starting point, though I understand it might be quite late before they are ready to go. Looks like it may be a rainy parade day. I think my bee outfit will last for a while in the rain. Even though I’m a drone bee I have little pollen pouch.


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