wheels within wheels


This extra special week includes the Seattle MothUp, with tale tellers speaking on the subject of temptation. As of today, I appear in the audience in their Facebook page, as does Dr. Bastian. I look like a doreeb (combo of dork and dweeb).

Friday I will allegedly make an appearance in Portland, Oregon, visiting relatives and friends and attending a street-bicycle-theater performance of “Invasion of the  Bicycle Snatchers.”

It all depends upon my ancient truck getting me all those miles and back again. As of today, the rear window refuses to roll all the way up, but that’s okay as long as the vehicle safely rolls down the highway and back. My bike will be in the truck (wheels within wheels) and it can use the fresh air. If I get back early Sunday I could go to the July 1st independence day freethinkers picnic. That’s right, I will think for free on that afternoon only. Cash required the rest of the year.


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